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     Last weekend, I reviewed my old sketch book and found some nude sketches of different women.  I remembered it was 7 years ago, when these nude women posed in front of me together with other artists. Since most of my sketches are just rendered in ordinary pencil.  I decided to retouch it and add color to it by using Derwent Water Color Pencils.  I was surprised it worked well with Academie Colored Paper.  Never thought Academie is also durable for Water Coloring.  I can’t wait to share this to you, so here it is.  And I will post another. Until my next upload.  Thank you for visiting.

It was Saturday, usually we don’t have work on weekends but I had this Offline interlock with Agency and Client for a certain TVC Project. Less people at the office and almost zero phone calls. I could steal this moment to make an entry to my new sketch book that I bought 2 months ago. I used Derwent Studio Pencils and Berkeley acid free watercolor pad for this one. I saw a picture of a woman from Shutterstock and its seems like a nice subject. I am not giving full on this because from time to time I have to leave my workstation and go to the editing suite. See what’s going on there. I just want to entertain myself since I am the only one here at the Marketing Room, and my table is far behind it and I have a perfect view of other empty tables…Anyway here it is, and hope you like it. You can also visit the website where I uploaded most of my works. Thanks again.


I always wanted to be a fashion designer.  I remember, I used to play with textiles and imagining what to do with it.  My parents was in Textile business, they were into retail and wholesale supply to most big Garment Factories in the Philippines.  I guess this explains why most of my subjects are women.

I have something to share again with you.  Saw this one from a local Fashion Magazine.  Woman in Black.  I made a sketch of her, just using Mongol Pencil on my ordinary Sketchbook.  Here it is.

As a Production Manager for Post Production, one thing I hate is when I have to wait for my VFX artist to finish their renders and there is nothing I can do but wait…and wait until their Final Comp to be lay in by the editor and present it to Director, Agencies and Client.

And to beat this boredom, I use this moment to sketch this certain model that I saw from the Internet.  Don’t want to waste time for doing nothing so here it is

Another public figure, a Welsh Actress, whom I really admire…that is…Catherine Zeta-Jones.  I would like to share my very first attempt of using  color pencils for her portrait.  I used Lyra Rembrandt Color Pencils, a gift from my father.  I think this was done 12 years ago. When I was at home and done with my household chores and my kids were little and sleeping. I do enjoy doing my art where everybody is sleeping or usually just me being alone.Here it is, my rendition of her… Hope you like it.

Brendan Fraser is one of my favorite Hollywood actor, since his early movie ” California Man”. From then on, I looked forward to all of his movies.  And also, I always include him as my male subject.  I remember I did an acrylic painting of him as ‘George of the Jungle’, unfortunately I cannot share that with you because I sold it few years ago.  But anyway, what I have right now is a pencil sketch of him.  I was watching The Mummy where He is the leading actor, froze my DVD player to catch this sweet smile.  I used Lyra Rembrandt Color Pencils on Canson paper.

There is no doubt, I love to sketch.  And I started very young, yet my hands are confidently strong  enough to hold a pencil.  There are lots of people that influenced me to draw.  As far as I remember, it started when there are bunches of carpenters who were fixing our house then.  Anyway, during their break time I hang with them, watched them do some sketches on some lumbers.  And there was this old man, he is  one of the carpenters, showed me how to draw a coconut tree in seconds.  It fascinates me and copy his strokes.  From then on …I never stop sketching trees! ha ha ha.

Then I tried other things as my subject until I started to read books from Child craft.  They have this edition about Arts, Famous painters and their works.  These magnificent people such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Salvador Dali caught my attention…they made me want to draw P E O P L E.  Anyway I want to show my early works I have saved.  Some of my drawings are not with me anymore.  Most of it, well I gave it to my friends because they asked for it and some are lost because I was careless then, and I don’t mind keeping my drawings because I don’t usually…you know, satisfied about it.  I always think I need more practice and all.

Anyway, I will just post some drawings I had pasted on my scrapbook.  It has stains and now weathered, I hope you don’t mind.  Mostly drawn when I was in elementary and high school.

I never had a luxurious medium for my art.  My father don’t usually buy me one, maybe because he doesn’t know any, except pencils and ball-pens.  I draw whenever there’s a chance and whatever paper I had that time.

I could still remember, I had this mural when I was young.  Yep!  Mural at the early age.  Its underneath our dinning table! It was when I hid under that table when I was playing hide and seek with my brothers and sister. And while hiding, I take that opportunity to draw a community

If you will notice that most of the time I used intermediate pad papers and oslo papers or any boards  that is available.  For coloring my stuff I used Crayola, colored pens, and Make-ups of my mother :) shhhhh…

These early works of mine…well I am not saying they are great, but I am glad I saved it .  I am too shy to share but these makes me smile once in a while. Hope you like these as much as I do.