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There is no doubt, I love to sketch.  And I started very young, yet my hands are confidently strong  enough to hold a pencil.  There are lots of people that influenced me to draw.  As far as I remember, it started when there are bunches of carpenters who were fixing our house then.  Anyway, during their break time I hang with them, watched them do some sketches on some lumbers.  And there was this old man, he is  one of the carpenters, showed me how to draw a coconut tree in seconds.  It fascinates me and copy his strokes.  From then on …I never stop sketching trees! ha ha ha.

Then I tried other things as my subject until I started to read books from Child craft.  They have this edition about Arts, Famous painters and their works.  These magnificent people such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Salvador Dali caught my attention…they made me want to draw P E O P L E.  Anyway I want to show my early works I have saved.  Some of my drawings are not with me anymore.  Most of it, well I gave it to my friends because they asked for it and some are lost because I was careless then, and I don’t mind keeping my drawings because I don’t usually…you know, satisfied about it.  I always think I need more practice and all.

Anyway, I will just post some drawings I had pasted on my scrapbook.  It has stains and now weathered, I hope you don’t mind.  Mostly drawn when I was in elementary and high school.

I never had a luxurious medium for my art.  My father don’t usually buy me one, maybe because he doesn’t know any, except pencils and ball-pens.  I draw whenever there’s a chance and whatever paper I had that time.

I could still remember, I had this mural when I was young.  Yep!  Mural at the early age.  Its underneath our dinning table! It was when I hid under that table when I was playing hide and seek with my brothers and sister. And while hiding, I take that opportunity to draw a community

If you will notice that most of the time I used intermediate pad papers and oslo papers or any boards  that is available.  For coloring my stuff I used Crayola, colored pens, and Make-ups of my mother :) shhhhh…

These early works of mine…well I am not saying they are great, but I am glad I saved it .  I am too shy to share but these makes me smile once in a while. Hope you like these as much as I do.